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The Fog Fall 3 Walkthrough (CTRL + D to Bookmark this page)

Hi guys, welcome to The Fog Fall 3 game Walkthrough.
In this page you can learn how to play The Fog Fall 3 games,

1. Click on the car, check the engine.
2. Go on the right, to the Hunters home.
3. Talk to the Hunter, after that search the house.
4. On the right in first room look at the piece of paper.
5. Read the note after that talk once more to the Hunter.
6. You get the first task- go back inside and grab the radiator pipe and the rad deer meat from the hunter's house .
7. Come back to the car, use the radiator pipe to repair the car.
8. Enter the car, start the car and go to the Town.
9. Go to the shop and talk to the Owner.
10. Click on the car to open map. Come back to the Hunters home and talk to him.
11. Go to the car and pick up new location on the map, Observers nest (go there).
12. Go straight through the gate.
13. Talk to the Observer.
14. Come back to town, go to the shop and talk to the owner.
15. Go right and then back.
16. Go to the house on the right and there check behind the stairs.
17. Pick up the lighter.
18. Go back to the main street.
19. Enter the garage.
20. Pick up gasoline and pincers.
21. Go back to the main street.
22. Go straight to the screen with old car, than straight, than on the right
23. Go to the ruined house through the window, than go straight to the well.
24. Remove the stones from the well.
25. Pick up the grappling hook.
26. Enter the door in the well.
27. Go down.
28. Go forward (enter the room with a skeleton).
29. Pick up the Gas Lamp.
30. Go back twice and than right.
31. Pick up a Bulb from the lamp.
32. Go back twice.
33. Go down.
34. Enter the bathroom on the right and pick up the Sulfuric Acid from the shelf and the 2nd Bulb..
35. Go back.
36. Go right and pickup the Kerosene, Cornflakes, and Rice.
37. Go back.
38. Go forward and left to the kitchen.
39. Zoom in on the oven.
40. Pick up the Matches.
41. Go back to the main hall and enter the bedroom (forward).
42. Pick up the 3rd Bulb.
43. Go back to the stairs.
44. Go up, left and forward through the bricked entrance.
45. Go to the exit (upper left corner) and leave the bunker.
46. Go back to the shop and give the owner everything you collected.
47. Get the camera.
48. Go back to the house you found the lighter in.
49. Go up the stairs.
50. Zoom in on the painting (it's on the wall).

51. Use the camera on the painting.
52. Go forward twice.
53. Pass the lookout tower and talk to Ann.
54. Go behind Ann's house.
55. Open the turbine next to the well.
56. Pick up the Damaged Turbine.
57. Get back to the garage.
58. Use the Damaged Turbine on the handle (near the table).
59. Use the Pincers on the Damaged Turbine.
60. Go in front of the house with the painting.
61. Go behind the house.
62. Go forward.
63. Enter the bakery.
64. Pick up the rat poison.
65. Use the pincers on the crate (on the right).
66. Pick up the turbine blades.
67. Go back to the garage.
68. Use the turbine blades on the damaged turbine.
69. Collect the fixed turbine.
70. Go back to the well next to Ann's house.
71. Put the fixed turbine back and you will get a bear trap.
72. Zoom on Ann's house.
73. Use the Kerosene on the house.
74. Use the lighter on the house.
75. Go back to the Observers.
76. Talk to the Observer.
77. Go back to the Hunters home.
78. Talk to the Hunter.
79. Combine the acid with rat poison.
80. Use the poison vial on the bear trap.
81. Talk to the Hunter.
82. Go back to the car and go to the Hermits Den.
83. Zoom on the mountain to the left.
84. Zoom on the dead body.
85. Open the back pack.
86. Pick up the rope.
87. Combine the rope with the grappling hook.
88. Go back two screens.
89. Use the rope with grappling hook on the entrance (up the mountain).
90. Go up to the door.
91. Open the door.
92. The end...for now.

Play The Fog Fall 3

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