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Jessika's Curse Game Walkthrough and guide
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Hi guys, welcome to Jessika's Curse Walkthrough.
In this page you can learn how to play Paper.io 2 game on www.smallfarmstudio.com.

The world of Jessika s Curse is a sexy and seductive place, and many attacks dont assault your party s health but target their lust instead.
If a girl s lust becomes too high there is a good chance your commands will be ignored in favor of less constructive things (those boobs are not going to squeeze themselves...).
The times when this happens it will be done via lavish hand-crafted animations.
When lust gets to maximum levels enemies will use a special lust cinematic to knock the girl out in fitting H-game style.

Play Jessika's Curse game here

Walkthrough/ Playthrough Jessika's Curse game.

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