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Cake Pirate Game Walkthrough (CTRL + D to Bookmark this page)

Hi guys, welcome to Cake pirate game Walkthrough.
In this page you can learn how to play cake pirate games,
if you still have any difficulties or sugestion you can put a comment on the feedback feature on this games.

1. How to mute the sound?
- Click on 'mute' button on the buttom right on the game screen

2. How to pause the game?
- Click the 'menu' button or prees 'p' key on the keyboard

3. How to scroll the screen?
- You can scroll the screen by press 'a','s','w','d' (left,down,up,right)
or by move your mouse to black scroll bar on the left,bottom,right and the top of the screen

4. How to win the first Challange (5th round)?
Hide Show 5. How to win the second challange (10th round)?
Hide Show 6. How to win the third challange (15th round)?
Hide Show Play this game here, and please feel free to give any feedback (there a feedback feature on the game), or reporting a bug.
Thank you
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