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Pre-Civilization: Stone Age Walkthrough and guide
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Hi guys, welcome to Pre-Civilization: Stone Age Walkthrough.
In this page you can learn how to play Pre-Civilization: Stone Age game on www.smallfarmstudio.com,

Go Knowledge of Plants first, then crude stone tools.
You will cap out on pop but will be able to quickly get the Dwelling building, which is very important.
Then go (in order) use of fire, hunting, primitive weapons, improved stone tools.

Do NOT get fur clothing. Next get building of fire, fishing OR advanced gathering (get whichever you did not get first next), shelter, religion, art, thrown weapons, and advanced stone tools.
No hunting, it is not worth it.

You want most guys on food with some on culture until the late game, when your pop should be over 1K and you should get an upgrade every few turns.
Works on every mode.[by: ZZXXZZ3]

Pre-Civilization: Stone Age Walkthrough

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