The New Age is comming, age of pirates. The age when the vile pirates rule the sea.
They rob, kill and destroying for what the called Treasure.
You will play as Calico Jack, a famous and well known pirate.
He got one ultimate mission to gatter up a gang of pirates under his flag.
Facing a conflict, a Pirate Game, to be a king of pirate, conquer the world and rule the sea arrrhhh.....

Pirate Game is a new strategy game developed by Smallfarm Studio.
There are 15 stages and a lot of achievement to get, play this challanging game be a king of pirate, rule the sea!

Want a cheat code? type 'tvx' when you at the main menu, it opened all the stages [except final stage] and you'll get 1.000.000 money too. Enjoy the game:D
Play Pirate Game game here: Pirate Game